Productivity and stress

Health and Safety Executive research suggests that stress accounts for 13.5 million lost working days a year.

The International Stress Management Association found 64% of Britain's employees claimed to suffer from stress at work. Furthermore statistics indicate that the problem is growing.

Stress not only affects productivity but also accounts for high levels of staff turnover resulting in unnecessarily high recruitment costs.

Increased productivity

Controlling stress within an organisation enables corporate goals to be achieved in an harmonious environment.

Stress control empowers individuals to become creative, happy, healthy, high performers, capable of achieving their innate potential.

Additional benefits

Once an organisation has embraced the concept of stress control the whole culture will begin to change.

Communication will improve, creative solutions will evolve more quickly and individuals will be less parochial and more able to work in a team culture.

The environment and culture will be compatible with higher goals. Everyone will feel healthier and be happier.