Groups or individuals?

Quantum Stress Control programme is for groups, individuals or a combination of both.

Tailor made programme

We design specific programmes for our clients. We constantly review the programme and adjust it for different parts of the organisation ensuring we take into account specific needs.


At Quantum we believe that it is essential to monitor, measure and evaluate our programme. It is in this way that we can prove that it is an effective and worthwhile investment.

Stress levels and absenteeism are measured before, during and after the programme, we also encourage measurement of recruitment statistics and productivity.

The Quantum Technique

Quantum's leading edge stress control programme immediately relieves stress levels and then teaches individuals to control their own stress. Our unique approach is to use positivity programming* and relaxation with hypnotic suggestion that quickly and effectively helps individuals.

*Positivity programming is unique to Quantum. It is a combination of conscious exercises and hypnotic suggestion that successfully breaks the habit of inappropriate and automatic negativity replacing it with positivity.

There are seven components to Quantum's Stress Control:

1 Breathing techniques
2 Body relaxation techniques
3 Positivity programming
4 Future applications
5 Personal programme
6 General health
7 Evaluation