Brain Waves

Beta waves

In our normal conscious mode which is over stimulated the brain operates in Beta brain waves, which keeps us alert and ready for action. When we are working to deadlines this can be useful but unfortunately it is then virtually impossible to turn off the over-stimulated state and relax.

Alpha Brainwaves

However when the brain relaxes into an Alpha state we reach our full creative potential. The Alpha brain waved is achieved in deep relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, daydreaming or just absorbed in a book. In order for us to function both effectively and creatively we all need to spend short but regular periods in an Alpha state each day.

Brain wave and the corresponding mental/physical characteristics

Cycles per second   Bain Waves Mental characteristics Physical characteristics
14-30 Beta 100 to 50 Wide awake.
Comfortably alert
Extreme tension, uptight
8-13 Alpha 45 to 25 Passive awareness
Sensory withdrawal
Releasing all body feeling
Complete passivity
4-7 Theta 20 to 10 Drowsiness
3.5-0.5 Delta 5 to 0 Deep sleep
Deep sleep