Quantum Stress Control works!

Why? Because it has been developed by a business strategist who suffered health problems from high stress levels brought about by both career and personal events.

Quantum's development

The technique was developed by Jean Conway, a business strategist who after twenty years of a high-flying career in blue chip organisations, became disillusioned by the lack of enjoyment and productivity in organisations.

A better way

Jean observed that the health of individuals was suffering and was adversely affecting their performance. She was convinced that there had to be a better way of working that would help individuals reach their potential and become more productive within an organisation.

Foundation of Quantum

Quantum's Stress Control programme has been specifically designed to overcome what scientists believe are the two sole causes of stress; over-stimulation and negativity.

Life changing

The technique that Quantum has developed is not only unique but it changes lives, enhancing health, enjoyment of life and performance.

Quantum works with individuals within an organisation to help them create new patterns, which are anchored in place quickly and easily, allowing everyone to benefit from a stress free culture.